529 Tools

Invite Education's proprietary database feeds the tools to provide a best in class experience.

Search 529 Plans

Search for plans by state, sales channel and plan features
Results include fees, plan features and links to sponsor’s website
Fresh data from Invite Education’s proprietary 529 database

529 Plan Comparison Tool

Leverage IE’s comprehensive database to compare plans based on fees and tax savings
Change the assumptions
Print a branded report

529 State Tax Deduction Calculator

Shows the value of potential state tax deduction
Updated data from Invite Education
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Many of the world’s largest financial institutions rely on Invite Education for tools and content to empower families.

Easy InstallationEasily imbed our code into your website with no maintenance required. Optional features, including SSO, may require custom development.

Regular Data UpdatesOur proprietary data is updated regularly and seamlessly refreshes your tools. No maintenance required by you.

Privacy by DesignChoose what data is collected for analytics purposes.

CustomizableContact us to talk about custom tools and functionality.

SecureBest practices protect PII. ADA, GDPR, and California compliant.

Advanced AnalyticsProvide your marketing team with real-time analytics. We support webhooks for added functionality.

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